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Net Neutrality & Internet Privacy

The internet is under attack by our representatives. The definition of net neutrality is the principle that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites. American companies have to abide by net neutrality so Americans can access every website on the internet. North Korea does not have net neutrality and their citizens have access to only 20 web pages picked by Kim Jong-Un. Internet access needs to stay as a utility to preserve our first amendment rights of free speech.

Politicians are receiving millions of dollars from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Time Warner, Comcast, and Verizon to give ISPs full control over the internet. Without net neutrality, ISPs can charge you to use Facebook, Google, or any website they decide. For example, Verizon can setup an exclusive agreement that everyone can only use Yahoo search, while blocking access to Google search. ISPs (which also provide cable TV) charge you a lot of money each month to use Netflix, or ban it entirely. ISPs will charge you to view each website as they charge you for special TV channels.

Without net neutrality, ISPs can also shape politics and who wins elections. ISPs can purposely block negative press toward a certain candidate. Comcast owns NBC, so Comcast could block its competition, which is FOX news. Google, Facebook, and all major websites would never exist if net neutrality rules were not enforced. If the FCC hurts net neutrality, many companies will leave America to start their businesses elsewhere, costing America jobs and revenue.

The current administration voted to repeal internet privacy regulations. David Joyce accepted bribes by lobbyists to repeal a rule that stopped ISPs from selling your internet history. David Joyce is responsible for anyone being able to purchase information about your medical history, your emails, your financial data and anything else you do while using the internet. Identity theft is going to go up considerably. Joyce also voted in favor of legislation that would allow censorship of the internet.

If you care about being able to access to internet, or your internet privacy, or America advancing technologically, then the politicians ruining America need to go immediately. Democrat or Republican, they need to go. The internet has been under attack for too many years.

Do not let the government take away our freedom!

Ohio Technology & Energy

The Founding Fathers believed science and technology were so important that they gave Congress the power to make sure it advanced further. Special interest groups are stopping scientific advancement to help their bottom line. These lobbyists and the regulations they have enacted are keeping Ohio, known for great inventions like the automobile and airplane, from a prosperous future. Let us bring back powerful American innovation!

It is time we claim energy independence. America uses 20% more energy each year than America can produce. Evan supports renewable energy solutions beneficial to Ohio’s unique climate. Ohio’s best option is negative emission technology, which will provide significant boosts to agriculture production as well as cheaper, safer energy. Perfecting this technology will give a huge boost to Ohio’s economy adding lots of high paying manufacturing and research jobs.

The Great Lakes is important to northeast Ohio’s economy as many local businesses rely on the resources from it. People also rely on it for drinking water among other things.
David Joyce claims to support the Great Lakes, but he voiced support for an administration that wants to cut funding to the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative by 97%! Can you trust Joyce not to turn Northeast Ohio into Flint, Michigan?
Evan Carp will make sure the Great Lakes are preserved.