Federal Social Programs

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Evan has created his own unique healthcare solution. Working in the healthcare field has given Evan an inside perspective. One size fits all Obamacare and Trumpcare are not suitable for 320 million people. Different states have different medical needs based on demographics, as well as states may want to cover experimental treatments. Ohioans have better knowledge of their own healthcare needs than the federal government. Under Evan’s plan, each state will guarantee coverage to essential needs as well as have private insurance and private practices available to treat non-essential needs. The federal government’s role would be to facilitate reasonable access to health services without financial or other barriers, such as cost controls on insurance. This legislation will include coverage for preventative healthcare, which will help catch medical conditions before they become serious or life-threatening, and give incentives to the healthcare industry to cure medical conditions. Full control of healthcare is not a power given to the federal government and a bad President could kill you by defunding healthcare. This is another example of federal government overreach.

Joyce’s website says “Dave Joyce has voted to defund, repeal or delay Obamacare every chance he’s had, 30+ times.” In 2017, he then lied and said he was repealing and replacing all these times. His official statement also says he will support whoever comes along with better legislation, meaning he is incapable of any new unique ideas or the ability to lead. It is time to repeal and replace Joyce with Evan Carp, a leader with a vision.

Opioids & Medical Marijuana

Some medical conditions show improvement with medical marijuana. Evan supports medical marijuana for certain medical conditions. Restrictions such as not being able to operate a vehicle are necessary.

The opioid epidemic can be solved in a few ways. Many painful conditions are treatable with medical marijuana or non-opioid drugs instead of doctors giving opioids first. Drug lobbyists are getting politicians to keep opioid addiction cures from the public while they develop brand name “treatments” for huge profit. The current “treatment” is $1300/month. There is a cure, medications called NMDA antagonists, that reverse opioid addiction within a few months. This is kept hidden since it costs $30/month and drug lobbyists cannot make a profit.

Evan will get Congress to make available the two cures for opioid addiction for people currently suffering.

Abused Social Programs

Eight states abuse certain social programs at Ohio’s expense, such as SNAP and HUD. While Ohio has residents on SNAP and HUD, Ohio is paying for other states in addition to itself. The eight states abusing programs are capable of assisting their residents. SNAP and HUD should be moved to the state level, which would allow Ohio to lower its poverty rate and increase benefits to its own residents. An interim solution is to cap benefits at two children for the eight abusive states. The underlying issue to the illegal immigration debate is this problem. Eight states are abusing these programs so much that people are getting a better deal staying at home doing nothing than they would be doing jobs illegal immigrants do. The majority of states pay more money in welfare than minimum wage. This is why Evan feels politicians address symptoms of problems and not problems themselves. Corporations like Wal-Mart also abuse these programs by telling their new hires how to get on them instead of paying them sufficiently.


Evan is pro-life. Making sexual education and contraception more available will reduce unnecessary pregnancies that lead to abortion.
Rhetoric in this debate divides America. Pro-life and pro-choice imply the opposition is anti-life or anti-choice.