National Security and Immigration

Missile Defense & New Technology | Cyber Defense & Disinformation | Diplomatic Relations & Terrorism | Crime in America | Immigration

Missile Defense & New Technology

Missile defense only has a 55% success rates in tests, which is unacceptable with a $600 billion defense budget. America’s defense must be impenetrable against nuclear powers like North Korea. Situations like the Cuban Missile Crisis must remain in the past. Evan advocates for smart defense spending on new technology that will keep America in the 21st century and not for offensive spending on needless wars like most Congressmen.

“Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” –Theodore Roosevelt

Cyber Defense & Disinformation

Russia has been designing technology to break America’s cyber defense since the 1990’s. Other counties have been attempting cyber warfare also. Evan’s technology background will help Congress in ensuring a proper cyber defense for America.

Congress recently repealed protections on internet privacy. Politicians are receiving millions of dollars from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Time Warner, Comcast, and Verizon to be able to sell your private internet history, which includes emails, browsing history, medical, and financial data. When cyber defense is of great importance, clueless Congressmen like David Joyce whose votes are for sale, are a threat to national security.

The Senate Intelligence Committee confirmed that Russia is capable of providing disinformation to Americans. Marco Rubio cited a number of stories created by the Russians since 2014 that hurt Americans. Russia spent $200 million dollars on cyber-attacks that our $600 billion defense budget could not defeat.

Evan proposes a cyber-treaty between all countries, declaring severe attacks to be an act of war, as well as having upgraded cyber defense.

Diplomatic Relations & Terrorism

Forging strong alliances and repairing broken ones with major countries is a top priority. Stopping nuclear proliferation and terrorism are the greatest foreign threats America faces.

Diplomacy must always be the first option and both these threats have solutions without the need for more war.

Before 1920, USA had a good relationship with Russia (ie: Alaskan Purchase). To avoid Cold War 2.0, Evan advocates normalizing relations with Russia again, after they pay for damages they have caused in the past decade. Russia neighbors USA and can be a great trading partner. Russia is interested in rebuilding their power on the world stage by any means necessary (Crimea, Syria, etc). If we accept them as an ally, many global issues will go away. It is for the greater good that we form a strong healthy relationship with Russia. 60+ years of tension must end. Setting aside our differences for peace talks will make us all more prosperous and safe. Russia can fulfill the energy deficit that USA has, without the need to rely on the Middle East, until USA is energy independent. American-Russian Peace Treaty will be a fresh start. It is time to end this rivalry.

If USA pressures China to cut North Korea off resources, North Korea will dismantle their nukes. Due to the extensive trading relations between USA and China, China will have to comply.

Russia and China, which are close to the Middle East, sharing intelligence with USA will allow for the defeat of ISIS. Cooperation by the major nations can starve the Middle East of economic resources until ISIS surrenders. Military force causes accidental damage, which leads to people joining extremists groups to retaliate against the USA. These tactics will end terrorism quickly.

Crime in America

Domestic terrorist groups like the one Timothy McVeigh was part of still exist in America. They are murdering police and civilians alike. Funding toward intelligence to prevent these attacks is important. Additionally, funding to inform civilians in handling police encounters properly so police can safely do their job without escalation is important. Confrontation in police situations has a ripple effect of creating riots, protests, and anti-government groups growing.

Crime prevention is most important and fixing the underlying causes of why crimes are committed are a priority. Politicians receive special interest money from private prisons to act tough on crime for profit. America has the highest incarceration rate and the cost of each prisoner is high. If there is a better economy, with more high paying jobs, crime will go down. Economic opportunity leads to a lower crime rate. A reduced crime rate will occur with all these underlying issues addressed.


A nation of laws cannot selectively enforce laws and cannot normalize illegal immigration. We must have compassion for unemployed Americans that want to experience the American dream. Low skilled illegal immigrants drive down wages since they will work for less, which hurts the poorest American citizens. A solution is to incentivize small businesses, such as farms, to hire Americans. The RAISE Act will also increase wages of Americans.