The Federal Government Is Hurting Ohio

Oppressive Taxation | Giving Ohioans A Voice Through Constitutional Federalism

Oppressive Taxation

The Federal Government is overtaxing Ohio $20+ billion dollars per year. With that money, Ohio can make many improvements in terms of cheaper healthcare, better infrastructure, better education, Great Lakes restoration, etc. Keep Ohio’s money in Ohio.

From 2005 to 2014, Ohio received the lowest federal money by population out of all states. What are your tax dollars and representatives doing for you?

Each state sends money to the federal government through individual income tax, employment tax and corporate income tax. In return, the federal government gives each state retirement benefits, non-retirement benefits, grants, contracts, salaries and wages.

In 2014, Ohio gave $129.9 billion dollars and received $108.6 billion dollars. A return of $0.83 cents per dollar. Mississippi gave $11 billion dollars and received $34.3 billion dollars. A return of $3.11 per dollar. Eight states grossly abuse the federal government. Their representatives are immoral, granting their state benefits in exchange for voting a certain way. They keep their own state taxation levels low and spend little on things like infrastructure and education. These states are choosing to rely on federal aid and never improve the quality of life of their residents. The Founding Fathers agreed that the federal government would not favor one state over another, but it is happening, and Ohio is losing billions because of it. Temporary aid is fine, but lifetime disproportionate aid is not.

Evan’s Economic Accountability Act would require states to meet certain economic goals. Eight states received at least $2 in benefits for every $1 given for the past 20 years. States are not required currently to use the federal funding given to them for the good of their residents. This new policy will force these states to stop depriving their citizens of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and adopt moral governments. Ohio and other moral states must stop these other states from violating the Constitution going forward.

Joyce’s website says, “Dave Joyce has used his seat on the Appropriations Committee in Congress to scrutinize how your tax dollars are spent.”
Public data shows that Ohio was overtaxed more since Joyce took office. He is not a conservative and is a threat to Ohio.

Giving Ohioans A Voice Through Constitutional Federalism

The Constitution grants the federal government basic powers like protection and trade regulations. The design of America is to share power equally between itself and states. The federal government has been increasing its power by adding new departments and programs at the expense of weakening state governments.

People are finally realizing how much America has been marching toward an authoritarian federal government since World War 2. Politicians have allowed the consolidation of powers into the executive branch. Extra judicially waging war. Taking away American freedoms via propaganda. Passing laws through bureaucracy and executive orders rather than through Congress. The conditions of July 4, 1776 and today are identical in terms of an oppressive government, especially with the huge corruption present. Americans have no say anymore.

A strong Ohio state government will improve your quality of life and give you a meaningful say. The closer government is to you, the more power you have over it. Each federal representative is equal to 715,000 people versus 117,000 for state. You have about six times more say at the state level! Ohio has been losing its representatives in the federal government for the past 40 years by losing house seats. Different states have different needs and the federal government is forcing every state to be the same. It is creating divisions in America. The closer the government is to your home the better. Does it make sense that 537 people in Washington, D.C. control a 4 trillion dollar budget? Evan advocates reducing the federal government and rebuilding Ohio.