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Standards & Spending

America is behind in education on the world stage. Evan views education as a top priority to the success of America. Federal control being so powerful is hurting America with each new administration change. Common Core for example lowered standards and had many problems. The education policies of the past have left us with a lack of STEM workers, which is effecting things like technological advancement and national security. Companies are hiring immigrants over Americans because America does not have enough STEM workers.

Evan advocates the Federal Department of Education to go back to its roots and develop high education standards to put America on top of the global leaderboard. Each state would implement these high standards and reach them by however each state saw fit. Evan wants companies that are involved in education held accountable for developing quality materials to get to these high standards. States with school choice programs will have accountability requirements also to ensure student success. Ohio State has a fully functional Department of Education and Evan supports education spending at the state level in order to meet the high standards of excellence.

Fresh Ideas

America’s education culture has severe issues. Parents are forced to each work a job (or multiple) so the priority of the education of their children is outweighed by the priority to put food on the table. Evan’s proposal is to offer a tax credit incentive to parents based on their child’s performance: $3000 tax credit for an A and $1000 tax credit for a B on the final comprehensive yearly exam. This gives the parents a monetary incentive to make sure their children excel at school. It also allows the parent to buy rewards for their child. Evan also proposes offering a tax credit incentive to individual teachers based on the final grade average of their students.

Evan proposes offering an incentive for companies to bring offshore money back to America through education and jobs after tax loopholes are closed. Companies like Google and Apple will agree to pay for a college education to American students, give them a 5-year high paying job contract, in exchange for a low tax rate in bringing that money back to USA.

Evan supports a full scholarship to a 4-year state college to Americans who complete high school with a high GPA. This incentivizes students to excel in school. This program will pay for itself by giving Americans higher education and access to high paying jobs. American innovation has always been strong and it is essential that we continue this by educating our future generations easily. College deters many people by its high costs and children with exceptional minds must have access to reach their full potential. This proposal will be retroactive for college graduates with student debt.