Jobs & Economy

Increased Jobs & Wages | 21st Century Training & Education | Removing Harmful Practices

Increased Jobs & Wages

Evan’s goal is to restore the middle class and small businesses. Too many politicians are in the pocket of big corporations and the result is an economy that hurts the average American. All of Evan’s votes will go toward fixing this. The wealthiest country in the world should not have most of its citizens living paycheck to paycheck.

There has been a bipartisan effort to tax the middle class heavily over the years. Ohio, as a mostly middle class state, is paying $20+ billion dollars more per year in taxes than it receives in benefits. Relieving Ohio of this tax burden will allow Ohioans to invest in the state of Ohio through small business, infrastructure, education, and more. Disposable income is essential toward driving an economy forward.

The Greater Cleveland area is a perfect example of how deteriorated America’s infrastructure has become. Evan’s proposal will create jobs to fix unsafe highways, buildings, bridges etc. High-speed energy efficient railways are a top priority. Renovation of abandoned factories will bring new businesses to Ohio.

Tax loopholes that encourage outsourcing and offshoring profits have hindered employment rates and wages. Eliminating this will bring back jobs and increase wages. Small businesses will get incentives since they are the largest creator of new jobs. This increases wages further because companies will pay employees in a fair, competitive environment. Corporations have had monopolies on industries, and Evan will make sure new businesses can freely grow again to make America a leader in innovation again. Middle class tax relief helps with disposable income to people to drive the economy further. (More info in Tax section)

21st Century Training & Education

A college scholarship program for Americans with high GPAs will allow more college graduates to compete in this new world of advanced technology and earn higher salaries. (More info in Education section)

Automation is becoming a threat to jobs. The answer to automation is to adapt. If a robot took your job, a robot repair job just opened up. If the robot is not efficient, robot-programming jobs are available. Evan’s education and STEM job creation programs will give Americans access to jobs of the future. Evan will also implement legislation to retrain out of work Americans that cannot find work, which will pay for itself, since they will become productive taxpayers.

New types of jobs based in new industries is the way forward. Ohio can start manufacturing 21st century products such as renewable energy technology and negative emissions. Negative emissions technology will provide a huge boost to agriculture production as well as energy independence.

Removing Harmful Practices

There has been a bipartisan effort to undermine labor unions at the detriment of the worker and taxpayer. While businesses need protections from unrealistic demands, workers also need protections from billion dollar corporations that exploit workers. Walmart for example, which is anti-union, forces workers onto government welfare programs with your tax dollars. Ending this abuse will force Walmart to pay workers properly without abusing federal programs.