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Evan Carp

Evan Carp’s Main Goals

  • Introduce a new healthcare proposal superior to AHCA/ACA and cure the opioid epidemic.
  • Remove federal government corruption and get money out of politics.
  • Bring jobs to Ohio by eliminating tax loopholes and benefits for offshoring.
  • Inspire small business growth, bring new businesses to Ohio, and restore the middle class through tax reform.
  • Stop the federal government overtaxing Ohio by $20+ billion per year.
  • Modernize our education system to support technological advancement, and train workers for jobs of the future.
  • Ensure the safety of America through fixing illegal immigration, cyber security, and diplomacy.
  • Protect freedom of speech and net neutrality.
  • Keep the Great Lakes and environment prosperous.


What Drives Evan Carp To Run For Ohio District 14

Evan Carp is taking a stand to fix America with new fresh ideas to solve core problems in America. It is time for the government to be a source of good and improve the lives of everyday Americans. The out of touch political establishment is keeping America down and dividing the country with violent rhetoric. Evan Carp can no longer sit idle while an oppressive government under the guise of good takes unalienable rights away. A political revolution must begin to bring positive change, national unity, and peace to America.

“The greatest good we can do our country is to heal its party divisions and make them one people.” –Thomas Jefferson

Ohio deserves a strong leader with a vision. The time for change is now.

About Evan Carp

Evan, who lives in Lake County, founded a therapeutic healthcare business in 2013 from scratch having to face all the challenges of a new business. It currently serves thousands of people who have depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety disorders. The small business utilizes one of the very few treatments that will cure PTSD that many army veterans suffer from. With a degree in chemistry and vast knowledge of technology, Evan’s well-rounded background will aid Congress greatly.

Evan is a natural leader with unique legislation and policies already written up. His pragmatic ideas transcend party lines with fresh perspectives. Congress are public servants that should win based on merit. Evan will show up to town halls, answer questions honestly, and be a representative for everyone, regardless of party affiliation. As the youngest congressional candidate at age 30, Evan can give Congress the breath of fresh air it needs.

Republican and Democrat politicians are trying to treat symptoms for problems instead of curing the disease outright. They are engaging in a seesaw of stupidity with unconstitutional policies instead of working together for the good of the people. Evan views both parties as having issues with corruption and neither improving America in a long time. They divide and conquer the population then work for special interest lobbyists in D.C.

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